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Conveyor Drum Replaceable Pulley Lagging

Conveyor Drum Replaceable Pulley Lagging

  • Fast install and replace
  • Reduce downtime
  • Saving cost
  • Non belt slipping
  • Increase traction and friction between the pulley and the belt




Slide Lag – Weldable Pulley Lagging

Slide Lag – Weldable Pulley Lagging

Zhengzhou Hongxin Rubber Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of conveyor maintenance service and rubber products in China ( Since 1997 ).

Products & Service

  • Pulley & Lagging
  • Belt Cleaner
  • Belt Repair
  • Impact Bar
  • Skirting Rubber
  • Various Rubber Roller
  • Various Rubber Sheet

The slide lag manufactured by HONGXIN mainly used for pulley rubber lagging ( rubber coating ). Compared to other lagging types ( Cold – Bonding), the slide lag is welded on pulley surface by steel retainers.


  • Non belt slipping
  • Fast install
  • Quick replace and maintenance
  • Without removing pulley, install on site
  • Flame retardant type is available
  • Standard length: 1830 mm, 2000 mm
  • Standard width: 138 mm
  • Thickness: 15 mm



Head drum removable pulley lagging

Head drum removable pulley lagging

# Non belt slipping

# Fast install and maintenance

# Reduce downtime


Slide Lag – Weldable Pulley Lagging

Slide Lag – Weldable Pulley Lagging

# No belt slipping

# Install on site, without removing pulley / drum

# Fast install or maintenance, reduce downtime

# Diamond pattern and groove offers great traction



Conveyor Maintenance Removable Pulley Lagging

Conveyor Maintenance Removable Pulley Lagging

  • Fast install and replacement
  • Without removing the pulley
  • No need to clean the bad rubber, reduce downtime time


Slide Lag – Replaceable Rubber Lagging

Slide Lag – Replaceable Rubber Lagging

  • No belt slip
  • Offer superior traction
  • Fast install and maintenance
  • Reduce downtime
  • Without removing the pulley, install on site
  • Easy operation and replacement



Conveyor Removable Pulley Lagging

Conveyor Removable Pulley Lagging



Coal Mining Replaceable Pulley Rubber Lagging

Coal Mining Replaceable Pulley Rubber Lagging


Slide Lag – Removable Pulley Lagging

Slide Lag – Removable Pulley Lagging


Slide LAG – Removable Drum Lagging

Slide LAG – Removable Drum Lagging

Slide Lagging.jpg