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Slide Lagging


Slide Lagging-Replaceable Pulley Lagging

Slide Lag Pads are constructed of specially compounded abrasion resistant rubber, integrally molded and vulcanized under high pressure to a heavy gauge steel backing plate which is preformed to the pulley diameter. The rubber has a thickness of 13~20 mm, the steel backing has a thickness of 2.5~3.0 mm

  • Exclusive elastomer compounding provides a lagging pad with exceptional drive-pulley traction, abuse resistance and prolong service life
  • Factory hot vulcanization under pressure assure the best possible bond of rubber to backing plate.
  • Steel backing plates are precision formed at the factory to fit the curved surface provided by each individual pulley diameter.
  • Metal retainer are permanently welded or bolted to the pulley face to securely hold the lagging pads in place.
  • Standard Length of pads: 1830 mm, 2000 mm
  • Standard Width of pads: 138 mm

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